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Low Cost Integrated e-Connect Products for Injectable Devices


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At SureMed Technologies Inc. (SureMed), we are utilizing our extensive Pharmaceutical and Medical Device experience in developing the next generation of robust, low-cost and pharma friendly solutions for digitally connecting your existing or next generation injectable devices.


We believe for disposal injectors, it requires a disposable connectivity solutions.


Our design philosophy is to create injectable e-Connect solutions that does not interfere nor alter existing injection steps. You will see that all of our e-Connectivity solutions are design with a seamless user experience in mind.  


With extensive pharmaceutical combination product development background within our team, we have developed e-Connectivity solutions that

  • Have low regulatory risk
  • Easy to adopt into existing pharmaceutical manufacturing process
  • Are platformed to allow cross therapeutic area use for both clinical and commercial


Our Platform e-Connectivity Products

 Ensures TRUE confirmation of injection (No injection…No signal).

– Only after injection the device transmits a signal out for the APP to receive.

Permanent Attach-On For Existing PFS


SureMed Tech’s eCap is designed to allow for quick digital connectivity capability add to existing prefilled syringes as an attach-on to the back of existing plunger rods. 

The eCap is ideal for clinical trials. It is easy to attach on and does not impact the prefilled syringe functionality, container closure integrity, or use condition.





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